I’ll analyse your project’s feasibility in regards to your goals. If needed it, I’ll help you tweaking it so that it becomes more realistic, and I’ll help you enhance it in case you have room for improvement. I’ll also look for the best resources to execute your project.


Once we find the team, I can manage the production. I’ll work hand in hand with you, so you are aware of the process and the results, always keeping in mind deadlines and budgets, and making sure the team delivers.

& MasterClasses

I’ll go to your company or school and give a master class about production, animation, CG, VFX or digital products. It can help your team learn the processes and will make them more efficient when dealing with projects.

& Conferences

I can participate in events of any kind talking about the industry, its tendencies, my professional experience as a business owner in the Animation industry or about projects I’ve been involved, always with an inspiring and education and training approach.

Contact Me

I must be somewhere doing something right now, but you can send me an email and I'll get back to you, asap.

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