A producer

I learned the producer profession having my own studios and working on my own companies. That helped me have two important visions of the Job. The first one is the importance to serve to a useful purpose: you need to serve your client’s needs. If it is not useful for your client, it is not useful at all, regardless of the art, the technology and whatever the amazing things you and your team can craft. The second one is that you need a team to craft those amazing useful projects. They need to be happy and proud with what they do and they need to feel useful, respected and valued.

For that reason I think a producer can be more than just a spreadsheet and a budget. A producer knows where creativity meets technology and where expectations meet feasibility. A producer will make clients feel safe and informed, but a producer doesn’t lie, even if sometimes it’s hard to explain. A producer anticipates an issue and raises hands to avoid a bigger problem. A producer identifies an opportunity and foresees the space for improvement. A producer manages talent, gets the best from the team and tries to keep them motivated and productive. A producer defends this talent and tries to make their lives happier. A producer is between a Client and the Talent, and needs to understand both worlds so they can serve one another. A good producer is a bond, a link, a bridge. And remember, for a producer, the only God is The Project.

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