The Leith Agency and Famous Grouse returned to Axis Studiosthe award-winning animation, and VFX studio, to produce the latest Famous Grouse television commercial, part of a new global campaign to promote the Famous Grouse Smoky Black. It was directed by Local Hero and produced by Sergio Jimenez and Calum Hart.

The commercial shows the intrepid Red Grouse enjoying a midnight hike through the iconic Scottish Highlands. The clouds part to reveal a full moon, transforming our hero into the darker, smokier Black Grouse.

Axis Studios worked closely with Local Hero to bring their directorial vision to life. The 20-second TVC, is set in ‘Grouse Country’, generated entirely in CG by Axis. The transformation presented an FX-heavy challenge, working with a dynamic feather and fur system, swirling fog and morphing geometry. The performance was likewise critical; our Grouse had to undergo a playfully scary change without losing his cute charm.

The Leith Agency / Famous Grouse

TV Commercial

Axis Studios

My Role

project at Axis’ Website


Senior team

Stephen Dalton: Director
Andrew Pearce: Executive Production
Sergio Jimenez: Producer
Calum Hart: Producer
Mike Harris: Art Direction
Imran Sajid: CG Supervision

Full Credits

Andrew Van Der Walt, Camille Fourniols, Craig Russell, Duncan Formosa, Ekaterina Pushkarova, Emmy Ivanova, Florian Eggers, Floyd Billingy, Hudson Martins, Jason Horley, Jonas Bergholm, Keir Greatorex, Krissy Josephides, Laura McMaster, Louise McGregor, Moises Rejano, Philipp Buschauer, Will Pryor

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