JUSTIN AND THE KNIGHTS OF VALOUR: A heart-warming adventure film about the determination of a kid to reach his dream and become a knight. It is a story about friendship, honour and courage.

Directed by Manuel Sicilia, “JUSTIN AND THE KNIGHTS OF VALOUR” is a film from KANDOR Graphics. Studio partner Antonio Banderas voices one of the main characters both in the English and Spanish versions, and has acted as producer on the film. This last project developed at KANDOR Graphics looks amazing. I was very excited about participating and the Release in September 2013.

Kandor Graphics

Whole Sequence


My Role
Studio Owner and CEO / Executive Producer / CG Producer

project at Kandor’s Website


Production Director: Sergio Jiménez
3D Director: Bor Arroyo
Lead 3D Artist: Andreas Thomsen
Lead Animator: Gemma Aliaga
Animator: Hector Muñoz
Juan Couto
3D Artists: Xavi Santed
Miguel Miranda
2D Artists: Alberto Sanz Mariscal
Elena Jover
Post-Production: Albert Garcia


Concept art by
Beatriz Iglesias

Manuel Sicilia

Production Companies:
KANDOR Graphics
Timeless Films
Out of the Box
Aliwood Mediterráneo Producciones.

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